Behind Enemy Lines

I said I’ll fight for my foot soldiers
but circumstances got a foothold
I showed her the loyalty of a mercenary
as thanks for the way she served me
That wasn’t the intention of mine
but that’s how a friendship’s defined
You’ve got to know when to sever the spine
all’s fair, when it’s not the fairest of lives
I promised to defend her name in these fights
but to win, you’ve got learn to switch sides
We crossed the border, drew battle lines
Bu how do I retract my knife from her spine
I forgive her for whatever she didn’t do
So, forgive me for what I was supposed to
But don’t forget why I crossed enemy lines
I’ll walk into a war for any friend of mine



the world is
a beautiful place, but
even the most beautiful people
are broken inside


Let me be your approval
You’re not what they’d call normal
But they’re not perfect
The distribution of flaws isn’t equal

Blue hair becomes the norm
But I’m still sporting the red
Their tastes changed once more
But nobody kept me informed

Yesterday, I led the in-crowd
Then the man at the back shouted
My followers turned around
And I’m trying to catch up now

I’ve always been one step too far
Or too far removed from the start
Too fat when I needed to be thin
Too thin when I needed to be fat

Too masculine for their heated debates
But not man enough to be led astray
Its never the right attire I have on
So, again, they yell and tell me I’m wrong  

Now, I’m too far in front
But it’s not my problem this time
It’s up to the crowd I left behind  
And if they don’t catch up, I’ll be fine


Another Family Cries

All I hear is somebody died
So naturally, as if it’s a part of life
Well, last night, she lost her fight
Cancer wins as another family cries
As you live by, die by the knife
Inner-city prosperity with a violent side
Streets stained with teenage lives
Blood pours as another family cries
Firefights light up the skyline
And an orphan’s prayers are denied
As parents search but never find
Echoes of war and another family cries
Lasting memories of violence
The sound of silence muffled by sirens
The defiant, beat by giants to comply
Tyranny as another family cries
Executions fed by religious lies
Scared to sever the insidious spine
That leads us to political divides
Butchered innocence, another family cries
All you hear is somebody died
So naturally, as if it’s a part of life
Last night, she lost that fight
Cancer wins as another family cries

All, But One

You’re only as good as your last.
That means
Every promise, broken.
Every lie, hidden
Every moment, lost
Every memory, once ripe,
Now rotten.
When every step forward
Glares at history
Every lesson, never learnt
Every mistake
Every addiction
Every girl
Every friend
Every girlfriend
All lost to the fog that blinds
The path.
Direction. Lovers.
Gone. All.
but one. 

Am I Bored?

Am I bored or am I alone?
Or am I bored of being on my own
Twiddling toes, with nowhere to go
No one to phone in an empty home
Why do I have days like these?
Wondering where my friends might be
Would these mates actually like me,
If I passed up a beer, for a cup of tea?
Is this what we claim it is?
Can we be sure enough to answer this
When living apart is the hardest bit
And it hurts more when your hearts in it
If I close my eyes will it look the same?
Would it hurt less if I took the blame
Or will I still remember the pain?
If I’m ever able to forget your name

All In

Stack of chips 
Cigarette lit.
Double and split.
That’s not supposed to happen.
Never again.
Double it.
All in.
All out.

When the fun stops, STOP.